A Holistic Approach

Our approach to sustainability is holistic, extending beyond the natural environment and into the social and economic fabric of the communities where we work and live. Farmer-founder Michael Bosworth named the company Next Generation Foods to signify a steadfast commitment to environmental stewardship, social responsibility and sustainable growth.

We choose to work with small, family-owned farming operations that share our ethos of respecting and protecting natural resources. Our producers work hard to maintain yields without stressing or harming the ecosystem. They engage in precision agriculture in order to reduce the use of pesticides, fertilizers and water. They grow organically or employ integrated pest management practices that ensure that pesticides are applied only when absolutely necessary. As a company, we emphasize efficiency in our shipping practices so that our transportation footprint is as light as possible.

Our commitment to social responsibility extends to our employees, our community and the causes that we support. We pay competitive wages and are dedicated to providing employees with the tools they need to be successful at work and contributing members of their community. Because we live where our products are grown, we’re able to help community members connect with their local food system by engaging in dialogues that promote understanding of where and how their food is produced.

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