Science of Ag

A Better Product, a Brighter Future

The family farms from which we source our products fully embrace the best technological advancements and science-based practices available, allowing them to grow the most food in the smallest area and with the lightest environmental footprint. Many have even taken steps to revitalize their ecosystems by employing conservation agriculture practices.

From GPS yield mapping to prescription fertilization to satellite field surveying, nearly every aspect of farming in California today utilizes technology to increase yield, reduce the use of water and other inputs, and protect precious natural resources on and near farmland. Likewise, tried-and-true conservation practices like cover cropping, complex rotation and integrated pest management continue to deliver positive results for farms and ecosystems.

We believe that technology and family farms go hand in hand. That’s especially true in California, which is home to the world’s most innovative food producers. Agriculture’s embrace of science not only leads to a superior product for consumers; it’s what allows California farmers to stay competitive so that their businesses can be passed down to the next generation.

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