Conservation Partnerships

Caring Through Conservation

We stand proudly behind our products because we know they’ve been produced with integrity and a deep respect for the environment. And we make a point of seeking out agricultural producers who place a high priority on conservation.

Our farmer partners contribute to the betterment of agriculture and the food system by partnering with public, research, and non-profit organizations with a conservation mission, including the ones listed here.

The Nature Conservancy

Growers negotiate the seasonal flooding of rice fields timed to align with the movement and nesting of migratory birds. This highlights farmers’ (and our) commitment to protecting endangered species and enhancing biodiversity.

Natural Resources Conservation Service

The conservation arm of the US Department of Agriculture partners with farmers to provide ideal habitat to migratory shorebirds through a staggered drawdown of winter-flooded rice fields. This additional seasonal habitat provides vital nesting sites for more of the year, protecting endangered and threatened species.

California Trout, California Rice Commission and UC Davis

This nascent program is aimed at utilizing the shallowly flooded rice fields to grow aquatic insects and invertebrates that serve as food for endangered salmon and other species in the sensitive river and delta waters downstream.

University of California’s Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program (SAREP)

This project examines the benefits of on-farm residue management and how crop residues and compost can be used to improve soil health and fertility. All farmers, especially our partners, understand the value of good soil. Good soil management means we are protecting a limited resource for future generations and making that resource resilient to disturbance.

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