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There’s food distribution the way everybody else does it—and then there’s Next Generation Foods. We are reinventing how food moves from field to kitchen, from grower to chef. And we’re doing it with a zeal for sustainability, science and source transparency.

Food Service

A Model for the Next Generation

Next Generations Foods was founded in 2006 with an eye towards transforming how agricultural products move through the supply chain, from farm to consumer. Farmer-CEO Michael Bosworth envisioned and built a distribution model that uniquely emphasizes quality above all else. He and his team take the time to understand the needs of their discerning customers and cultivate personal relationships with farmers and artisans who can deliver superior ingredients produced responsibly. By remaking the marketplace, the company is making possible a robust future for California’s next generation of visionary farmers.


We set high standards of social, economic and environmental responsibility for ourselves and our partners.

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Science of Ag

Our farmer-partners employ technologies and practices that exemplify environmental stewardship.

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Conservation Partnerships

We partner with farmers who make it a priority to do right by the environment.

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The Next Generation Team

The Next Generation Team

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