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We source only premium products that meet our high standards for quality, taste and integrity.

What Chefs Say

Today’s food service professionals have a demanding task before them: To serve up food that’s not only delicious and cost-effective but also meets stringent standards related to sourcing and sustainability. Next Generation Foods helps chefs meet these goals by connecting them to superior ingredients produced by northern California’s most conscientious farmers and artisans.

Quality First

The best chefs know the difference between a quality ingredient and an inferior one. Learn more about how our commitment to excellence and sustainability distinguishes us from our competitors.

Product Philosophy

Transparent Sourcing

Our customers care about where their food comes from—and so do we. Learn more about how we are transforming the way in which agricultural products move through the supply chain.

Our Farmers

Good Taste

Chefs across northern California depend on us to deliver the best ingredients to their kitchens. Learn more about the people who buy from us because we do distribution different.

Want to know more?

Let us answer your questions about how we do distribution different.

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