Michael Bosworth, CEO

Nothing motivates me like… Building a future for my family and my young children.

The best time of day is… About 10 minutes before sunrise.

The best thing about this company is… We solve problems every day, so it is impossible to get bored. We listen to our chefs and work to bring them new products all the time. This takes a lot of work behind the scenes, but it is a great benefit to our customers and our partner farmers.

I love that our company stands for… High-quality foods grown by honest, hardworking family farmers. Our growers take pride in growing the best food possible, and we handle it in a way that preserves that quality and freshness all the way to our customer.

My family laughs at my… Habit of always buying new types and brands of rice. I am constantly looking for unique varieties, packaging and marketing in the rice industry. I probably have over 100 pounds of rice in our pantry right now.

I would want my last meal to be… Omakase at Kru Restaurant in Sacramento.

Next Generation Foods is different because… It is a food distribution company owned by farmers, which gives us the unique ability to respond to market demand by leveraging our network of farming friends to develop new products and bring them to market. Our connection to growers also allows for more traceability than other distribution companies. And we always enjoy hosting farm tours so our chefs can learn more about exactly how and where their ingredients are grown.

Education: BS in Crop Science & Management, UC Davis; MS in Agricultural & Resource Economics, UC Davis


Andrew Brutlag, Chief Operating Officer

The best thing about our company is… The people we get to work with.

I love that Next Generation Foods stands for… Families, Farms and Food.

I’m inspired by… Passion.

I firmly believe that… Food is meant to be enjoyed with family and friends— the old, the new, and the recently met.

My favorite Next Generation Foods product is… Garbanzo beans. Gotta love hummus!

Education: BS in Food Science, UC Davis; MBA in Finance, CSU Sacramento


Gabby Franke, Director of Operations

I bring value to our team because of my…organization and ability to communicate with people.

I get excited when…I can be creative and learn something new.

The best thing about our company is… Our rice and other products are delicious. I love being able to share our products with people and tell them it’s going to be the best rice they’ve ever had!

I love farmers because…They are both rooted in tradition and values and constantly looking to the future for innovation and improvement.

I love to…listen to podcasts & spend time outside with my family.

My favorite Next Generation Foods product is…White jasmine rice.

Education: BS in Managerial Economics, UC Davis; MA in Education, UC Davis

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