Why Chefs Prefer Us

Learn why the most selective chefs trust us to provide them with the best ingredients available.

Our Farmers

Chef Brian West

“The passion and the love that they have for the quality of the product really comes through. What their producers do for conservation improves not only the quality of the rice but also the impact that each restaurant can have when they’re buying the product.”

Next Generation Foods has helped chef Brian West bring sustainably grown grains to one of California’s premier technology campuses.

Executive Chef Billy Ngo

Kru Contemporary Japanese Cuisine
“I’ve known Michael for more than a decade. Working with him is really easy. It’s not like working with a rep at a big company. If we ever have a problem, he’s just a phone call away and will quickly solve any issue we run into.”

Next Generation Foods supplies Chef Billy Ngo of Kru Restaurant with premium rice varieties that meet the high standards of his discerning customers.

Chef Brian Trykar

Bon Appétit Management Company
“Even though I’m cooking in a corporate environment I want to show that, thanks to Next Gen, everybody can eat like this—everybody can eat local, everybody can eat organic and everybody can eat healthy foods.”

Thanks to Next Generation Foods, chef Brian Trykar can access the hyper-local products he wants in his kitchen, from basic pantry items to specialty ingredients.

Chef Jon Sodini

Bon Appétit Management Company
“It’s really fun to be able to offer so many different types of locally grown rice and whole grains to our guests. We really appreciate the care they take into growing their rice and grains, and the care that NGF takes in getting those products to us.”

Next Generation Foods expanded its product offerings to better serve the needs of chef Jon Sodini at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Chef Kue Her

Senior Executive Chef for UC Davis Student Housing & Dining Services
“They excel at sourcing local products, whether its olive oil or honey or nuts or grains. Just knowing that this food is not sitting at a warehouse year after year or being imported from another country or another state gives us peace of mind.”

Thanks to Next Generation Foods, students and faculty at UC Davis can enjoy a local connection to the food served on their campus.

Executive Chef Santana Diaz

UC Davis Medical Center
“I’ve been let down a lot over the years with people over-promising and under-delivering, but we haven’t run into that problem at all with Next Gen.”

Next Generation Foods connects Chef Santana Diaz to the small, local farms that, because of logistical hurdles, he otherwise wouldn’t be able to source products from.

Chef Brian West
Executive Chef Billy Ngo
Chef Brian Trykar
Chef Jon Sodini
Chef Kue Her
Executive Chef Santana Diaz

Partial List of our Chef Partners

  • UC Davis
  • Fish Face Poke Bar
  • Mulvaney's B&L
  • Legends Hospitality Management
  • Binchoyaki Izakaya
  • Asian Box
  • Farm Fresh To You
  • Kru
  • Frank Fat’s
  • Origami

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