Product Philosophy

Prioritizing Quality

When it comes to product selection, we take a different approach from most food distributors by making quality our top priority. Our goal: For every product that we sell to be the best in its category.

All of our ingredients are hand-selected by us for their superior attributes, whether flavor, texture, consistency or cooking performance. We know that chefs are busy professionals who don’t have time to personally vet every single producer or supplier. And adding vendors means more paperwork. Instead, chefs trust us to identify and deliver the finest ingredients that California agriculture has to offer.

We’re big on personal relationships. We seek out producers who share our philosophy that the future of agriculture and the whole food system matters. We know our farmers, so you can be assured that the production practices they’ve put into place will help the next generation of farmers and artisans thrive and prosper.

Thanks to the close relationships we’ve cultivated with chefs over the years, we’re able to procure the exact products they need to practice their craft in the kitchen and help them meet stringent requirements for local sourcing. Our unique role in connecting chefs to growers illustrates how a short supply chain works to everyone’s benefit, with delicious results. It’s one of the ways that we do distribution different.

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