Jackie Gifford

Jackie Gifford of Consumnes River Farms understands the deep-seated value of food made with integrity. Her Bellindora brand of vinegars are crafted with care for customers who appreciate the superior taste of artisanal ingredients.

“Quality is very important to me. I’m producing something for people to enjoy, a product that I would give my own family,” says Gifford. “I like being able to create something healthy for others.”

The real reward comes when customers taste her vinegars. “I love the reaction I get from people when I’m in the tasting room or doing a demo,” says Gifford. “There’s a satisfaction that comes from providing them with something wholesome. What we make isn’t full of other ingredients, just vinegar and fruit. Our vinegars are all natural.”

Gifford sources produce for her fruit-infused vinegars from farms across the West Coast, from California to Washington. Wine for the vinegar is purchased primarily from wineries in central California where she lives with her husband, a fourth-generation grape grower.

Gifford has worked with Next Generation Foods for several years. She cites their shared philosophies on quality and community in explaining why their relationship works.

“I just enjoy the family unity and that they’re hard workers,” says Gifford. “I like knowing that their beliefs and our beliefs are compatible. They believe in giving back to the farming community and producing products that are healthy, and so do we. They are great people, very hands-on. And their customer service is something you just don’t find anymore.”

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