Intermountain Horseradish

Dettling Family Farms
Intermountain Horseradish was developed by two growers in the Intermountain Area (Burney-Fall River), in the northeastern corner of California. With the help of a local farm advisor, Matt Magnuson from the Black Ranch and Craig Knoch from the Knoch's Ranch began their horseradish production just five years ago. Each grower started their production from only three roots. They cut the roots into 1" pieces and planted them in rich soil. Cool summer evenings and an adequate water supply have made Intermountain Horseradish grow into over 20 acres of production today. The current US production consists of only 3,000 acres; 900 acres are located in the Tule lake region just north of the Intermountain area. St. Louis, Missouri accounts for about 1500 acres and the remaining production is located along the East Coast.

As the production continues to grow so does the demand for more efficient farming practices. The original growers began digging roots with their old No.2 shovels and have now elevated to using a mechanical digger for harvesting. Harvesting is done in late fall before too much moisture sets in to the soil, and in early Spring when weather permits. Immediately after harvest the roots must be chilled in order to keep them crisp for grinding. Roots can be stored at 28 degrees for 3-4 months in cold storage. Freshly prepared horseradish is the best tasting, which is why Intermountain Horseradish only grinds fresh batches every few months.

Intermountain Horseradish prides itself on fresh quality and taste from the Intermountain area. We look forward to serving your needs.